Elementor Pro 2.9 Beta is here

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Elementor Pro 2.9 has just been released in its beta stage to enable you to be able to examine it and report any bugs to Elementor via their Github Page so they can make sure all issues are fixed before release.

Notice: With any Beta its important to make sure you only to test on a staging site.

Elementor Pro v2.9 adds more awe-inspiring global settings to your toolkit allowing you to create more advanced sites, in less time.

Main New features:

Let’s say you were working on a page in Elementor, and you looked at the header and you spotted something that needed editing, you would need to leave that page to go and edit that template.

Not anymore, since Elementor Pro 2.9 you can now edit the footer or header without having to leave the page, It will save you time, effort, and a lot of redundant clicks.

Templates you can edit are:

  • Header Template
  • Footer Template
  • Single Post Template
  • Single Page Template
  • and More

How It Works

While editing a page or post, hover over the area you wish to edit, click on the orange edit handle to edit that part of the site and you will now be able to edit that template without leaving the current page.

Once you are done editing a certain template area simply save you changes and click the yellow tab to change back to the page or post you were editing.

Dynamic Colour Support: Control colours with a custom field

If you are like me and love using ACF to extend elementor with dynamic content to create custom post types for things like; directory’s, Catalogs, Recipes, Product Reviews, Portfolio Pages, Real Estate listings and more

Up until now, you haven’t been able to to use dynamic colours in your layouts as you were restricted to text and number inputs however with the new ‘Dynamic Color’ option, you can embed dynamic colour values in any widget that has a colour field.

The new Color Dynamic control supports ACF color fields as well as Custom field keys.

How It Works

  • Use ACF to add a custom field to a page, post or even an options page.
  • When editing a page post or template Next to each colour fields you will now see a dynamic option to grab that colour from a field you have made.

Global Custom CSS: Globally control your CSS

One of the most requested features on GitHub was the ability to set Custom CSS globally now with Elementor Pro v2.9 you can add custom CSS rules which will apply to your entire site.

How It Works

Simply enter the Theme Style menu and open the Custom CSS section and add your custom CSS.

Semantic HTML Tags: Assign HTML Tags to your Site Sections.

Since Elementor pro 2.9 you can now set HTML tags per theme section by assigning your entire header with <header> tag, your entire content area with <main> tag and your footer with <footer> tag.

By assigning a relevant HTML tag for each theme element, you improve accessibility and HTML semantics and improve your on-page SEO.

View Full Changelog

  • Tweak: Added Link Attributes support to Pro widgets (#5716#3642#9225#9079)
  • Tweak: Added Theme Style support in Theme Builder parts (#10564)
  • Tweak: Avoid creating empty Custom Font
  • Tweak: Added aria-expanded attribute to Menu Cart widget
  • Tweak: Moved Link Actions module to Core plugin
  • Tweak: Changed the name of “TypeKit Web Fonts by Adobe” to “Adobe Fonts”
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  • Tweak: Added inline editing capability to title and description to Price List widget
  • Tweak: Removed redundant display conditions from Blockquote, Flipbox, Price Table, and Search Form widgets
  • Tweak: Pro widgets are not draggable unless Elementor license has been activated
  • Tweak: Remove redundant label_block parameters from several controls
  • Tweak: Converted controls selectors to CSS variables in Gallery widget
  • Tweak: Replaced Stumbleupon with Mix in Reviews widget recommended icons (#10099)
  • Tweak: Added Mix to the Share Buttons network list (#10099)
  • Tweak: Upgraded Font Awesome Pro library to v5.12.0
  • Tweak: Added new Lightbox compatibility for Gallery and Media Carousel widgets
  • Tweak: Expose external API for Swiper instances
  • Tweak: Added compatibility to JS API in Theme Builder, Popups, Form widget and Global widget
  • Tweak: Replaced nerd icons with new Elementor emojis
  • Tweak: Added specific color attribute to header title in Table of Contents widget
  • Fix: Line break issues in Animated Headline widget (#10585)
  • Fix: Share button widgets show Font Awesome 4 icons on first drag in Editor
  • Fix: Image ratio parameter visible in some edge cases in Posts widget
  • Fix: Image missing when sharing to Pinterest using Share Buttons widget
  • Fix: Theme Style Link color setting override the list style in Table of Content widget
  • Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our Developers Deprecations Post
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