How to use Elementor Hotkeys

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Every day we use short cuts to do a simple task like undo or even copy and paste, in Elementor keyboard short cuts are known as Elementor Hotkeys.

Hotkeys can be used to do some common actions in Elementor which can save you a lot of time because you not using the mouse to click on stuff.

How to see the Hotkey Panel

In Elementor interface, you can easily view the Hotkeys by clicking Cmd/Ctrl + ? on your keyboard.

Elementor Hotkeys shortcut panel in Elementor

Action Elementor HotKeys

Action shortcuts are based on common keyboard short cuts we use already use on a daily basis across all programs and operating systems to do common tasks like copy and paste.

UndoCtrl / Cmd + ZUndo any change made on the page
RedoCtrl / Cmd + Shift + ZRedo any change made on the page
CopyCtrl / Cmd + CCopy a Section, Column or Widget   
PasteCtrl / Cmd + VPaste a Section, Column or Widget   
Paste StyleCtrl / Cmd + Shift + VPaste a Section, Column or Widget’s Style
DeleteDeleteDelete section / column / widget that is edited
DuplicateCtrl / Cmd + DDuplicate section / column / widget that is edited
SaveCtrl / Cmd + SSave your page to the revision history

GoTo Elementor Hotkeys

GoTo shortcuts are specific to the Elementor Page Builder, they help to speed up your workflow by quickly opening things like the navigator or the template library.

Panel / PreviewCtrl / Cmd + PSwitch between the panel and preview view
Mobile EditingCtrl / Cmd + Shift + MSwitch between desktop, tablet and mobile views
HistoryCtrl / Cmd + Shift + HGo to the History panel
NavigatorCtrl / Cmd + IOpens the Navigator
Template LibraryCtrl / Cmd + Shift + LOpens up our Template Library modal
Keyboard ShortcutsCtrl / Cmd + ?Opens up Keyboard Shortcuts Help Window
QuitESCOpens up Settings and jumps to Exit to Dashboard

Free Printable Hotkeys Poster

Here’s a great printable poster you can print and stick on your wall to keep the hotkeys fresh in your mind.

Click the button to get your free poster, no subscription required to download.

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